USE Gary

Automated and online within a few clicks.

Thanks to the use of smart connections, Gary is able to add all data (content) automatically in the digital object file. Thanks to the easy to use customer portal of Gary the process from sign-up to online is therefore very quick and simple. Once online, Gary already knows who are visiting your object file.

My Gary.

Gary’s customer portal, My Gary, is the central hub where all object files can be registered and managed. Some of the features you can manage are:


All your documentation can be easily added yo your object file trough the My Gary hub and can also be protected with a password.


Filling in object details and delivering images is not necessary anymore, because Gary has a clever system that automate this process. That is why Gary is always up-to-date.


Once online, Gary identifies real-time potential leads and keeps track of all your object visitors. These can be found in the My Gary hub and are sent to you by e-mail on a daily basis.

Slimme koppelingen.

Invullen van objectdetails en aanleveren van beeldmateriaal is niet nodig, Gary beschikt namelijk over diverse slimme koppeling die dit automatiseren. Hierdoor is Gary altijd up-to-date.

Lead Generator.

Eenmaal online houdt Gary bij wie de bezoekers van de objectdossiers zijn. Deze zijn te vinden in My Gary of worden dagelijks per e-mail verstuurd. Hiermee identificeert Gary realtime potentiele leads.


Via My Gary is het mogelijk om alle documentatie eenvoudig te plaatsen in het objectdossier. Deze documentatie kan, indien gewenst, middels een wachtwoord beveiligd worden.

Companies that use Gary.

Gary offers us the opportunity to make our services future-proof.

IJsbrand Brunger, Savills